Help us in a way that suits you best.


Clean Coorg initiative is a voluntary group. We do not handle or seek financial contributions. What we can do instead is to direct you to fundraising programs in Coorg.

Create Awareness

We regularly schedule awareness programs on waste management or pollution control. Help us by spreading awareness. As an example, you can help with any environment friendly banners or share our work within your network. Please contact if you can help us in our awareness programs.


We are built on volunteers contributing their precious time to our initiatives. If you think you have time to volunteer please check our Facebook page " The Clean Coorg initiative" or get in touch with us. 

Contributing cleaning materials

Feel free to donate items that will help us in our initiatives. For example, items such as gloves, cleaning carts, garbage bags can help us greatly. There is no one way to contribute, hence please email us or contact us via Facebook to see what we may need. 

Manage this website

If you own a web design / building business or know anybody who has and can take over managing this website, it would help our cause. This involves taking responsibility over maintenance, periodic updates,renewal of domain, hosting, back up etc -  Essentially taking over complete management of this website . CCI members can pool in funds to pay for it if it can be done at a reasonable price. 

Pitch in your idea

If you think there is any other way you can  assist us, we are happy to hear from you.  We work with whoever is willing to work with us towards a cleaner , grabage free coorg ( Kodagu). 

Small Steps you can take as a resident or Tourist

Segregate your Garbage

Segregate garbage into wet and dry waste.Try to separate paper and paper based materials further for recycling.

Avoid disposable materials

Disposable materials such as paper cups, paper plates, plastic spoons etc., although convenient, are major pollutants and a big nuisance if not disposed in the right way. Please avoid them as much as possible, if not totally. Alternatively you may contact us for suggestions on suitable environmental friendly solutions for disposable items.  

Carry your waste back home

If you are on a holiday, hold back that urge to dispose off travel garbage quickly. Some destinations may not have good garbage segregation and if you are visiting eco sensitive areas, it is not a good idea to dispose garbage there. Bring it back home where you can segregate it and dispose it off responsibly. We promote responsible tourism and we think you should do too.

Call someone out if you see them polluting.

There is no dearth of polluters in India. If you see someone polluting call them on it and try to educate them politely with a firm message.