If you are new to our webpage, please take a moment to watch this video which sheds light on the environmental degradation of Kodagu, especially due to the garbage menace.

Please do visit our Facebook Page  to understand the public apathy and ignorance regarding the garbage epidemic plaguing this beautiful district, and the steps taken to combat it through holistic solutions involving all sections of Society. 

About Us

Our Belief

The Clean Coorg Initiative, is a voluntary group comprising of locals from all walks of life, who have come together with the intention of raising  awareness on the need to protect and preserve Kodagu from the peril of modern age, GARBAGE.

We believe that the responsibility of taking the menace of garbage head on, lies in the hands of the inhabitants of Kodagu.

Get Involved

We could use more volunteers to help in our mission. We have put together a few ideas on how volunteers can effectively contribute to our initiatives. Please go through the 'Get involved' section to understand how you can contribute.